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Totuaba and Rock Point or Rocky Point

Totuaba and Rock Point or Rocky Point

There are countless stories related to the great marine life in the Sea of Cortez at the beginning of the twentieth century. This sea was said to be so rich with fish that American, Canadian, and even Japanese fishermen migrated here to take advantage of this sea which was teeming with fish. It was those foreign fishermen who introduced and first used the "drag fishing" technique in their search for fish, namely Halibut, Shrimp, white Clam, and the Totuaba, which is similar to the White Sea Bass.

The Totuaba thrived in the deep, rocky waters of the Sea of Cortez, and thus, the Totuaba fish became very great in number. The most economic, and efficient way of fishing the Totuaba was through a hook and line instead of the more costly method of drag fishing. The ideal places to fish Totuaba were near the mouth of the Colorado River. The great demand of this species of fish made it attractive for national fishermen, mostly from Nayarit, Sinaloa and south of Sonora, to establish their settlement at the Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point. By 1927, family fishermen were already feeding their families with the profit of their daily catch.

The first settlers used the caves and natural refuges among the rocks of the "Whale Hill" (now the Old Port area of Puerto Peñasco). They pick Whale Hill overChoya Hill because Whale Hill had a natural estuary next to it which meant calm waters that were ripe for fishing, and provided protection for the fishermen's fragile boats. In the 1970's this estuary was dragged and it became the refuge for the modern shrimp fishing fleet that is so well known by Penasco today. Little by little, cardboard and wooden houses were built on the north east side of the Whale Hill.

Back then shrimp was not yet appreciated as a part of Rocky Point as much as it is today, so it was fishing the Totuaba that made it possible for Rocky Point to be what it was, and is, a precious rock set between the desert and the Sea of Cortez.

To be continued...

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Arizonians in Geological Love with Rocky Point

It's all in the soil you stand on... Love starts through your feet...


One of the most deeply rooted qualities in man is the love for the place where our home stands. The love for being part of our home starts at birth and continues throughout our lives. Part of being human means we love the world around us, we especially love the ground and the soil it holds. It is through our feet that , we connect with the composition of that soil. We even know how it tastes; we know what kind of bacterial flora it has, we have carried it with us wherever we go, it is in all of our system. It's that early contact with nature that gives us the sense of belonging to an area and lets us develop a relationship with that area, a relationship which is hard to break.

Our highest geological and biological authorities, have come to the conclusion that, primarily Arizonians, but also all south western Americans, are the most likely to visit, and appreciate Rocky Point and it's geographically rich features. Google Earth search can easily show you that the area of the Altar Desert (also called Sonora-Arizona Desert), the Rocky Point peninsula and the meadows surrounding the Pinacate Volcanic Biosphere Reserve is nothing but, for the most part, extremely rich sand and soil that has been carried through thousands of years and constant floods, and made extremely fertile by the rich contents of the Colorado River. So, Arizonans and Southwestern Americans... Welcome home in Rocky Point.

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Some news from our little town

Some news from our little town

The accurate, swift response from the Federal Health Department and the following through of it's recommendations to the local tourist services has stopped the spread of the now-called "H1N1" flu. Rocky Point has not yet reported one case of this disease since it's beginning in March 2009.

The local health department has made sure to be ready to provide immediate help to any person, local or visitor, holding symptoms of any type of flu.

4th of July weekend reports show Puerto Vallarta as only a 53% occupancy, Cancun, which depends on eastern American and European visitors, as a 61% rate. We had 70% hotel occupancy and about 71% of time-shares occupied. Studies show that there is more than ten times less crime in Rocky Point than Phoenix, Arizona. So keep supporting us and enjoy your stay!

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One fun Sunday

One fun Sunday


Once upon a Sunday afternoon, the sun's shining, the skies are blue, and there's just a slight breeze among the air. It's around the beginning of the afternoon, maybe one or two o'clock and the birds are flying low to the cool sand near the ocean. There is a small group of people, possibly twenty or thirty, gathered around on the outer decks of a pearl white beach house that's seperated from the beach only by an eight foot see wall. The usual small-talk fills the air as people enjoy their drinks and the sight of the ocean as the tide gradually goes down. A few of the visitors are trying out a new kayak, bobbing up and down in the mild waves while some swim innocently in the warm water.

Beach parties are a great way to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. It can be very refreshing to spend some time with a group of people that you know, and not have to worry about the stress of everyday life. The ocean is known to have many therapuetic properties, mix that with good friends and a nice cold drink and you have yourself a very pleasant afternoon. Sure, you may not solve all of the worlds problems in one afternoon, but you can at least forget about everything and just enjoy the natural beauty of the sand, ocean, and the beautiful blue skies.

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